What You Can Do To Make Mornings Smoother Right Now



Making mornings more peaceful….

Before my daughter was able to come downstairs herself and before I started waking up early, I would wake up to a shrill little girl yelling “MOMMY!!!! MOMMYYYYYY!!!” most mornings. I would frantically run up the stairs because every morning that shrill yell would fool me into thinking something was wrong. Every morning she would just smile at me from behind the gate and ask me to play with her. I don’t like to do anything before my coffee. So there I would be, half asleep, in my pajamas, trying to guzzle down coffee while playing with a two year old. It was not the best way to start my morning and I felt like my entire day was thrown together. I knew something had to give. But what? I am not a morning person and dragging me out of bed before I have to get up is not an easy task. But I knew I needed to do something to get a handle on myself and give my best to my family. If you are like I was and struggle to get a handle on your day and morning but long to find some tips to help you, here are some things I have found that make my mornings and in turn my days go a whole lot smoother.


If you have not already heard of her, I highly suggest checking out The FlyLady. She is absolutely amazing and has some really great tips for getting your house and in turn your life together. One of her first tips is to “shine your sink”. She talks about how waking up to a dirty sink is discouraging but waking up to a clean and shiny sink makes you feel as though you are ready to tackle the day. Honestly, my least favorite chore is doing the dishes. But I have found every time that I take the time and make the effort the night before to make sure my sink is clean, the next morning I wake up and smile. Because I don’t have to worry about doing the dishes right away before the breakfast rush. Try it! You will be surprised at how it’ll make you feel the next day.


I used to struggle with when to do my laundry. I never seemed to be able to remember when I tossed a load in the washer or dryer and it would sit for way to long. But then I discovered a routine that worked for me. I throw a load of laundry into the washer when I am done cleaning up dinner. Before bed I toss the load of clothes into the dryer. When I wake up in the morning after I do the dishes I fold the laundry. I then put it away that evening when I am putting my kids to bed. It’s not the perfect routine and sometimes I miss a step and get behind but when I stick to it I am able to keep the laundry under control. I’m also able to work doing laundry into a routine that works well for me and my family.


This step may seem mundane but it works in my favor in the morning! This way my kids and I have time to pick out our clothes and I don’t feel rushed in the morning to get them ready. My daughter B likes to dawdle. When picking out her clothes for the day she’s as slow as a turtle. When I have her do it the night before she can take more time and I don’t feel the need to rush her. It really is a time saver.


This step about killed me when I started doing it. I hate waking up before I have to. But I discovered that it was vital to myself and everyone else if I wanted to get my attitude right for the day. In order to do that I had to wake up before my kids. This way I am not rushed into getting them ready while I’m not yet ready. I also have time to drink a cup (or two or three) of coffee before they wake. I can do my devotions and have my prayer time with the Lord in the quiet and peaceful morning before the sun comes out as well as my kids. I cherish that time to myself. If your kids are like mine and wake up at early hours I highly suggest investing in an “okay to wake” alarm clock. It is a clock that lights up when its “waking time” and helps them learn to stay in bed when it’s not quite time to get up. It has been a great tool and sometimes sanity saver for our family.


Spending time in prayer and with the Lord is the most important aspect of my day. You can do this anytime you want to. If you prefer to spend time with God at night then by all means do that. I enjoy my prayer time in the morning because it is the first thing I do and it helps my mind focus on God and welcomes him into my day. On the mornings that I forget to do my devotions  or don’t make time I feel as though my day is more hectic and crazier than I like. That is why doing my devotions and prayers before the day starts helps get me get ready to tackle the rest of the day with a calm spirit.

Getting ready by myself without any little ones around has become important to me. I love my children but I need my alone time in the mornings because I believe it helps me be the best mom I can be. I always want to give my best to my children. That is why these little habits have become my sanity savers throughout the last year. I cherish that time to myself. Mornings have gradually become one of my favorite times of the day. I like being able to prepare myself to give my best. I am more peaceful and my home is more peaceful. That is what I strive for everyday. A peaceful home. What are some morning habits you have that help you prepare for your day?

Until next time!

Jenna Jury




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