Why I Love Being A Girl Mom 

This morning my one year old daughter threw herself an epic tantrum. I mean it was as though she was possessed. Throwing her body around and screaming at the top of her lungs. Why you ask? What horrible thing did I ask of her that made her act this way? It was because I wanted to change her diaper. “Well she’s a girl, she’s emotional” would be the typical response one might hear to my morning adventure with my daughter. But maybe it could just be that she’s one and is trying to figure out how to communicate when she’s unhappy. Not to mention both my girls are strong willed. I do want to say I do have a son, he passed away when he was six days old. After he passed the Lord blessed me with two daughters. Two girls with big personalities, big emotions and big characteristics.

Since having daughters I have noticed something that people say, especially to my husband “oh you have “x number of” daughters? Poor you.” I’m sure this comment is made to be funny. But I’m not laughing. See, when we make comments about “how sad or bad or whatever” it is that a person has a daughter or daughters then we are automatically labeling those precious girls as difficult or even unwanted. There is no poor me or poor you when it comes to the children the Lord has blessed us with. Do I want another boy? Absolutely. Do I want another daughter? You bet. I will take whatever God gives me because children are gifts. My children are gifts. Your children are gifts. I love being a girl mom. And here is why.

They are unique 

I have two daughters. They are both independent. One loves to have her own space while the other one loves to cuddle and give hugs. One loves to make things out of anything and everything she can get her hands on while the other one loves to dance and hear music. They are individuals. They are unique. They each have their own personalities and neither one fits the “mold” of what a girl should be. I don’t believe anyone fits the “mold” when it comes to personalities. Your children are each different and that is what makes them all so very special.

They are creative. 

My four year old loves to make things. She could find a stick and a leaf and make it into something magnificent in her mind. She doesn’t need toys when she has a blanket and pillow that she can make into a “pool”. My one year old has yet to learn how to make things with her imagination but I’m sure when she gets there she will be just as creative too. I love to just sit down with B and see what sort of scenario her mind creates while she is playing.

They like girly things

My four year old B loves the color pink. She loves dresses and skirts. She likes to play with princesses and barbies. If you can think of something labeled “girly” she probably will like it. I have yet to figure out what my one year old S likes but I don’t stick either one in a mold and say just because you are a girl you have to like girly things. They are open to tractors and cars as much as they are dolls and dresses.

They like “boy” things

B went through a phase where she loved the Ninja Turtles. She would call her self Raphael and introduce herself to new people by saying “hi I’m Raphael and this is Donatello (pointing to me).”  Which would then result in the new person giving me a weird look like “why would you name your daughter Raphael” and ended in me having to explain her obsession with the Ninja Turtles. But really if she wants to be called Raphael who is it hurting? She is out of that phase now though she still loves Raphael and the turtles. She also loves dinosaurs. I am not sure why but she does especially t-Rex. That is what makes her uniquely B.

They want to and have the ability to do big things 

Both my girls are quick learners and they LOVE to learn. I tell them all the time they can learn and do anything they put their minds to. I have no doubt in my mind that if they wanted to they could change the world. Because they will have confidence in themselves. Because I encourage them to be themselves. Because we live in a day and time and country where girls have so much access to opportunities to DO GREAT things. They need only the encouragement to do so.

They are intelligent 

I believe every child is smart and capable if given the right tools and that includes nurturing and encouragement. Girls are smarter than people give them credit for. I want my daughters to know they are smart and can learn anything. This is why if my daughter wants to learn something I help her by cultivating that desire and learning with her. The other day we learned about sound waves and how they work. A couple weeks ago we talked about decomposing and what happens when food rots. She’s curious. Most kids are. Help them learn by showing them they can!

They have big emotions 

Girls get a bad rap because we have emotions. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with us. It just means some girls feel things so much deeper than other people. I have two daughters with very big emotions. Some people have said to us they hope we have a boy next so we don’t have to “deal with more emotions” but honestly who is to say that if we have a boy he won’t be just as emotional? Emotions and feeling things deeply can be a great thing for our children if we teach them how to handle them properly. That is our job as parents. My daughter may get upset if her cousin takes her toy but she may also be the one who sees the lonely kid and invites them to be her friend. My daughter might throw a tantrum when getting changed but she may be sensitive to another kid when they lose someone special. Sensitivity is not a bad thing when used the right way. Don’t try to desensitize your child. Just help shape them to use the sensitivity the right way.

They have big hearts

Earlier today I told my four year old that Valentine’s Day is coming soon. She said mommy that means I need to give Mawmaw something! What should I give her? I have no idea why she said that because we don’t typically give anything to anyone for Valentine’s Day. And why she wanted to give her mawmaw something is beyond me. But I am pretty sure it is because she has a big heart. She loves to give. As they grow older I pray that their hearts will grow even bigger and they will always be tender and loving towards everyone. The world needs more big hearted women.

They are the children God has given me

I know this post is titled why I love being a girl mom. However it is more about why I love being a mom to the children God has given me. God knew I needed B and S in my life. He knew that I needed daughters. Do I hope he gives me another boy? Yes. But if he gives me more daughters and no more sons then I will be happy with that as well. Because these children God gives me are given to me for a reason. I will always be grateful and thankful that I am a girl mom. That I am their mom.

Until next time!

Jenna Jury

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  1. That was beautifully said! They are beautiful and unique, just like their Mommy. You did forget to say while S was throwing her fit, she wanted her MawMaw, they are really my girls. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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