4 Things Your Child Must Have Right Now

Children are a lot of work. They are expensive. They need a lot! Many people these days put so much thought and preparation into having children. And I honestly believe they should. I think that everyone should think about what children need and how much they require before they venture into parenthood. I mean, you have the countless diapers, baby food, and clothes. Not to mention all the toys and books they will need as they grow older. You have to think about sports and activities they may want to join. What about their schooling? It’s so much to think about! It can also be so overwhelming. So if you are considering becoming a parent or even if you are one now, I thought I would break it down for you and give you the top four things that your child must have right now!


Children need the people who love them the most, their parents, grandparents, etc. to be present in their everyday lives. They need to know that mommy and daddy will be at this activity or sport cheering me on, more than they need to BE DOING that activity or sport. They need you to be there for dinners and tuck-ins. They need you to be there when they get hurt or when they make something amazing. They need YOU. They need YOUR PRESENCE. 


Children not only need your presence but they also need your participation. They need you to participate in the happenings of their life. They need you to know what is going on with them even if they don’t volunteer information. Pick up on clues. Participate in their every day activities. Get down on the floor and play with them. Ask them questions. Eat meals with them. Even if you are tired and you don’t feel like doing it, participate anyway. There will come a day when they will be grown and gone. When that day comes your chances to participate in their every day will be fewer. So do it now.


Give your attention to your children. They crave it. They need it. Talk to them. Play with them. Put the phone down. Turn the television off. Get out of your head and focus on what your children are telling you. I read a great quote once before. It was “listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff”(Catherine M. Wallace.) So, forget about the things that don’t matter while your children are talking to you. You can always pick that phone back up when they are done. But your child needs your attention now. Don’t overlook it.


Every child is born with a need to be loved. This need cannot be replaced with materialistic items. Neither should it. So many children go without this need. So many parents don’t understand it. Love your child. Meet their needs. Meeting their needs do not mean always meeting their wants. There is a difference. Loving your children mean meeting their basic needs. Caring about what they have to say. Showing them love. Loving them unconditionally. Guiding them and raising them to be contributing and decent members of society. Love your children.

I know that in today’s society it is easy to worry about all the “things” children need. The new electronics, the cool shoes and clothes, the latest toys to entertain them for hours. But to be honest children don’t “need” all those things. They are simply a distraction from what our children truly need from us. Our love, attention, presence, and participation. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that what society tells us our children need isn’t always the truth. If you are meeting their basics needs and also giving your children the four things I mentioned above, I would say you are rocking it as a parent!

Until Next Time!

Jenna Jury



  1. Wonderful post. It’s so critical for us to “be in the moment” with our kids and not on our phones. I hate going to my kids’ sporting events and seeing parents not paying attention to the game.


    1. I agree with you. There are so many moments a person can miss because they are distracted by electronics. I know I am guilty! But if you really put things in perspective, those social media accounts will not be important in ten years time. But those moments we missed with our children may leave a lasting impression on our children.


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