To the mom who feels as though her job is not important..

To the mom who feels as though her job is not important….

Please let me remind you it is.

There has been quite a bit of talk lately about equal rights for women. Though I steer clear of politics  on my page and on my blog all this buzz has gotten me thinking. It seems to be easy for some to get swept up in the “who is more valuable” debate. However, amidst all the debating about who is better at their jobs, or simply in general, I feel as though there is a category among women that has gotten lost.

That is the woman who has made the choice that being a mom is their most important job. It is the woman who has made the decision that staying home with her children is what she needs to do. The woman who supports her husband and doesn’t try to outdo, outsmart, or compare her abilities to his. It is the woman who instead comes along side him as a helpmate. The one who prides herself in partnering with her husband in raising their children and creating a life for their family. The homemaker, the stay at home mom, the helpmate, or the woman who is all this and holds down a full time job, I am writing to you.

It may seem as though you are invaluable. The work you do isn’t important.

That is simply not true. Those are lies. Your work as a mother and a wife is one of the most valuable jobs a woman can have.

You may take a look around the messy house and wonder why should I even attempt to clean again it’s just going to get messed up tomorrow. True. But you have the ability to teach your children the value of taking care of the things we own.

Maybe you are tired of trying to teach your children. If you’re child is anything like mine are, maybe they are digging their heels in and refusing new ideas that you see as fun. But you have the ability to introduce new concepts and ideas while helping grow their confidence and love for learning. Don’t give up.

Dinner may seem as though it’s another obstacle to get through and it becomes mundane. Make it anyway. Show your family that you will always provide for their needs by making them healthy meals. Or maybe take a break and go out to eat. Use it as an opportunity to show your children that sometimes mommy’s need breaks too.

Remind yourself daily…

You have the ability to shape and mold your child’s day and your husband’s day. I used to not believe it. Surely my mood and how I greeted them didn’t affect the outcome of their day. But it is true. The old saying “If momma’s not happy ain’t nobody happy” often rings true. I don’t think that should give us an excuse to ruin our family’s day just because we are having a rough time, though. Instead use it as a reminder that your attitude affects those around you, so maybe you should check it.

Maybe you are asking yourself if raising a family is truly that important. Today’s society today puts very little emphasis on what we do as mothers. Sometimes even downplaying our job as though it is not necessary. But I beg to differ. As parents we are responsible for how our children turn out the majority of the time. Teaching them how to be decent and contributing members of society may seem as though it isn’t important. Maybe it feels mundane and inadequate to the amazing things so many women are doing these days. But take a look around at today’s society and ask yourself “when my child becomes an adult are they going to be helping the society we live in or are they going to be contributing to the problems?”

Your children are the most precious gifts God has given you.

But that doesn’t mean motherhood isn’t difficult. It is also true that being a wife can be difficult. Though it is very much worth it in my opinion. If you are feeling down today, invaluable, or unimportant, please remember that those are lies. You ARE valuable and important. The job you have as a wife and mother is important. You have the ability to mold your children. To teach them. You have the ability to build up your husband. To come alongside him as a helpmate and tackle obstacles together. Much of what you do as a wife and a mother can be considered the foundation of your family. I don’t know about you but I consider the foundation to be the most important part of a building. Just something to think about.

Until next time,

Jenna Jury




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