Battle of the Bows 

For those of you who do not know, I make and sell hairbows, headbands, tutus, etc. On the side. I absolutely love crafts, so when I had a little girl I tried my hand at making bows and found out that I loved it.

However, B does not love bows like I do so her unenthusiasm towards my endeavor dashed my excitedment and I stopped making them. But now I have two daughters and one of them LOVES bows, which makes mommy so happy, the other one not so much still. But I am not giving up hope on her just yet.

When I quit offering in home childcare I decided to pick this craft back up and let me tell you, I have been having so much fun, it’s sorta ridiculous. Today I want to tell you about a little battle I had on my Facebook page in order to figure out what people liked more when it came to the items I have available.
Below I want to talk about the results of these battles!

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Okay now onto the winners of these battles!

For this battle it was between the headband and the bow. The majority stated they loved the headband more. I wasn’t too surprised because headbands look adorable on little girls, especially bald babies. You know before they are able to pull them off! I personally love the bow more because I’m able to sneak bows on my girls better when they aren’t looking! But seriously, my two refuse to wear headbands but I can put bows on them so consequently I make more bows than headbands. But if people want more headbands I will definitely migrate into that direction!

This battle was between the Korker bow and the more fancy satin flower. To my surprise the majority voted for the satin flower. It is precious for a special occasion and I have made a couple for B to wear. I love the Korker bow more because I just think it’s so darn adorable. The satin flower will be a more prominent item in my boutique now that I know people prefer it!

In this battle I had people vote between the ribbon sculptures and the flower clip. I love making the flower clip! I think they always turn out so cute and the different color combos one can use make it so fun. The ribbon sculptures are cute as well. I make several different ones of these. The one pictured above is ballet slippers but I have also made Christmas trees, reindeer, turkey,  lollipops and several more. They are small enough that they aren’t  overwhelming to a child’s head. But they are cute enough to stand out. This battle was more difficult for people to choice on but in the end the flower clip won out!

This one was between the polka dots and the chevron designs. Before I tell you the winner I want to say that I LOVE them both. I just discovered chevron printed ribbons recently when I started making bows again, I know where have I been? And it’s quickly become a favorite of mine. However I think polka dots are so classic and look adorable on any child! Okay on to the winner. Can you guess it? It was polka dots! I wasn’t too surprised.

Now, I love making these two bow holders. My favorite one is the dress! I believe it holds more bows and looks so adorable in a little girls room. The bow pot is precious and makes great shower or Birthday gifts for a little girl! Now on to the winner. Not surprisingly it was the dress!

The last battle was between the twisted boutique bow and the pinwheel bow. These two styles of bows are my favorite to make. Now in hindsight I probably should have used a solid colored ribbon bow for the twisted boutique because I feel like it looks ten times better than a print. But because I love the pink chevron so much I wanted to see how it looked. The winner of this bow was the pinwheel bow. Which I love! I was a bit surprised but think the style print may have contributed to the lesser votes for the twisted boutique. Who knows, maybe I will try it again to see!

Do you see a bow you love? Let me know below.

I will be back later this week to show you different bows I have available in my shop! Don’t forget to like Jenna’s boutique on Facebook!

Until next time,



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