Flower Loop Clip Tutorial

Hey everyone! I know I have been promising you a flower clip tutorial for a while now- Well here it is! I really am sorry I haven’t written in a while. I am still trying to figure out this whole balancing everything thing as well as family things popping up and you know family comes before business. 

I know this may  come as a shock but I’m seriously not the most organized person out there. 

Seriously I know you  weren’t shocked. Were you? (Hahaha)

But anyway, I decided to go with a patriotic flower clip since we’re well on our way into summer.  

Isn’t this the cutest?

I love flower clips and they seem to really be a favorite of my customers. So much so that I thought I would provide you all with a tutorial so that you can make your own if you want to learn how to make one for your little ones. They make great gifts too. So let’s go ahead and get started!
First you need to gather your materials. 

The items pictured above are:

*a lighter (to heat seal your ribbon with)

* really, really good pair of scissors- seriously don’t try to use “not good scissors” because you will just ruin your ribbon and waste your time.

* an alligator clip

* needle and thread

* hot glue gun and glue sticks

* 3/8th inch ribbon of your choice. You can do all the same color or different colors/prints. It’s honestly whatever you prefer. For this one I chose red white and a flag print.

Next you need to go ahead and cut out your lengths of ribbon. This clip is approximately 3.5 inches long. It’s a little on the big side because I made it for my big girl. The average size for this bow is 3 inches. But you can really do whatever size you want. To make this size:

*cut out 8 pieces at 4 inches

*8 pieces at 3.5 inches

*8 pieces at 3 inches

Basically each stack of ribbon goes down an half inch from the previous stack. If you want to make a smaller size then you would start an half size smaller. For example: if you want a 3 inch clip you would cut the longest stack of ribbon at 3.5 inches and go down an half inch from there.

Next you will want to heat seal all of the ends of the ribbon. This keeps the ribbon from fraying. Go ahead and line your alligator clip as well. You can buy pre- lined alligator clips. I just prefer to do it myself.

Next thread your needle with a good length of thread and knot at the end. I typically knot mine two or three times.

Now you are ready start making the clip! Start by taking the longest piece of ribbon and pushing it onto the needle at its end in the center. Like pictured below. Do the same with the next two ribbon. Going from longest to shortest. Try to make sure they are all even on the ends. 

Next you are going to Loop the shortest piece of ribbon around and stick it through the needle. Do the same with the other ribbon on the needle as well. You will end up with a pretty flower loop like pictured below.

























Now continue to do this with the other seven stacks of ribbon. Making eight loops in total.

When you are finished putting the loops on the needle it will look like this :

Then you will gently push the loops off the needle onto the thread. It’s okay to let the loops loose. They will tighten back up once you tie the thread.

Cut the needle off the thread and then tie the two pieces of thread together. Not too tightly though. It will form a loopy flower.

We’re almost done! Go ahead and play around with the loops and shape them if it doesn’t look right to you yet.

Next you will hot glue a center piece on the clip. I forgot to include the center resin in the picture of items you will need. You can use whatever you want. For this clip I am using this cute patriotic resin. 

I just love this little guy!

Go ahead and hot glue your center on and after it dries hot glue your lined alligator clip on the back.

It’s okay if a little bit of glue squeezes out. It can be pulled off pretty easily.

There you have it! Now you have a cute flower clip perfect for any little girl! 







I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!Until next time! 



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