Being a Kind Human


I sat with my mom as my sister described a new girl she had recently met. “Is she kind?” I asked when she finished, as though it was an automatic response. “well, everyone likes her and she’s really popular.” Okay, but is she a kind person? I asked again. “Sometimes. and sometimes she’s not very kind.” was her response. Well I think you need to be friends with someone who is kind all the time, I told her.

I didn’t realize how often I asked about a person’s kindness until my mom brought it up to me one afternoon. You know you ask that every time someone mentions meeting a new person. “I do? Hmmm I never realized. I guess It is just that important to me.”

When I ask if someone is kind I don’t mean that artificial kindness. I can usually see right through it. Being able to tell if someone is genuine and possesses a truly kind heart has become second nature to me. That is the kindness I am talking about.

As I grow older it becomes more apparent to me that this world is filled with more not-so-kind people than it is kind people. Why? Is it seriously that difficult to be kind? Hard to put one’s own selfish desires aside for two seconds? Is it completely unreasonable to hold a door open for an elderly man or stand up so a pregnant woman could have your seat? If you look around at today’s society you see more and more self-absorbed people who would rather whip out their smart phones to record an altercation than to attempt to stop it. But why?

In today’s culture selfishness is on the rise. Putting your needs before another person’s is common practice. Every time I tune into the news I can see the unkindness of today’s society. Just recently a teenage boy (I say boy because let’s be real, regardless of age he was clearly a child) bashed an elderly lady into the ground and threw her into a pool because she asked him to turn his music down. Excuse me? Where is his kind heart? Respectful heart? Chances are he doesn’t have one.

Being a kind human in this world we live in is what I long to teach my children. If they learn to be kind to everyone they meet then I know I have taught them well. Yes there are so many things that are important for our children to learn. But kindness? That is the most important thing in my opinion. You can have all the degrees in the world but if you aren’t kind then those degrees don’t truly matter. Sure you may be successful but you’d still have an ugly heart. We need to teach our children, the future, how to have a beautiful heart. A heart that loves those that are unlovable. A heart that sees a child who needs a friend and says “I’ll be your friend.” A heart` that sees someone else’s burdens and comes along side them saying “let me help you.” A heart that sees the elderly man or pregnant woman and recognizes they need that seat way more than they do. That is what I desire for my children. For them to grow up to be kind humans.

We should all strive to be kind humans in this world we live in. It may just make a difference in someone else’s life.

Until next time,



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