Jury Adoption Update – April 10, 2018

Hi everyone! Many of you know, but in case you do not, I will fill you in. My husband and I are currently in the process of adopting a little boy from Vietnam. We announced it to our friends and family in January, although we knew that the process would be (and still is) very long. We have had so many people rally around us with support and prayers. I wanted to give an update to those of you who have been wondering what is going on with our adoption right now? I haven’t updated because well, there’s not much to update on. Our little guy, let’s call him L for now, just turned 3, I am hoping and praying he is in our arms by his next birthday.

Right now we are in the ending stages of our home study and getting our dossier filed. The paperwork is a mountain! Once those two are approved we can get a clearer idea of when we will be able to go in Country to bring him home.

The two biggest questions we receive are “When is he coming home?” and “Have you met him yet?” We do not yet know when we will get to bring him home. We are praying sooner rather than later, however it mainly depends on the paper work approval. Along with a few other things that I don’t want to bore you with. So if you could continue to pray for us in that aspect, we would truly appreciate it. As for us meeting him. No we have not met L and we will not get to meet him until we go to Vietnam to bring him home. I usually get a funny look when I say that. I can only guess what people are thinking. “Why would you want to bring a perfect stranger into your home?” It’s a chance we are willing to take for several reasons. The main one is because Jesus calls us to be his hands and feet. He tells us to take care of the orphans and the widows. We can’t do that on the sidelines. We can’t turn our heads and hope someone else will do it. Because what if they don’t? The alternative is never better.

In the meantime, we have been doing fundraisers to help us fund our adoption. There are several other ways we are funding our adoption as well. Savings, making and selling different items, we will be applying for grants as soon as we are home study approved.

We did a t-shirt fundraiser through Bonfire.

We had two t-shirt designs. One was Ben’s and the other was mine. Whoever lost got pied in the face.


So we tied! However, my stubborn husband refused to let me pie him in the face. So B and I took one for the team. Anything to bring my L home.

We have dear friends who have also donated their time and effort into fundraising to help us bring our son home.

Momentum Insurance held a fundraiser for us. Where they were able to donate $100 to help L come home to his forever home!



My Dear friend the Buckeye Queen, held a fundraiser selling her delicious and yummy buckeyes and buckeye cookies. In the end she was able to donate $201 to sweet L!


Another one of my friend’s is currently holding a fundraiser for the months of April, May and June. Book a family mini session with Cyndi Mccullough Photography and she will donate the proceeds towards our adoption!


God has truly blessed us with such amazing friends! We love you all who have helped us thus far! We will also be holding an adoption garage sale in a few weeks, so if you’re in the area we are taking donations, or stop by and see what you can find 🙂 In the near future I will be posting some goodies I will be selling, all proceeds will be going towards the adoption as well.

Oh and we wrote a book 🙂 Faith Actually: Living Life After Tragedy. A story of our heartbreaking loss of our son David and how we were able to find our faith again through God’s promises. You can buy it here.


Thank you everyone for being so wonderful!

If you would like to help us bring L home as well you can go to our Youcaring fundraiser page to donate!


We cannot wait to see L in our next family photos!

For more updates on our adoption please follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

until next time,

Jenna Jury


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