FAQS about The Peaceful Nest.



If you are new to The Peaceful Nest you may be wondering who are we? What is the purpose of this blog? and more questions! I am going to answer some of those questions for you in this post. If you have any other questions feel free to ask below! Let’s get started.


My goal when starting the Peaceful Nest blog was to have a place to share lessons I have learned about maintaining a peaceful life. I believe it is safe to say many people desire peace in their lives, their marriages, their homes, their parenting. Is it possible to achieve though? In today’s society? Yes it is.

When my son died, I was tossed into anxiety and depression for the better part of two years. After our oldest daughter was born, the anxiety worsened. I worried about everything. There were many times I would stop my car on the drive home, pull over and check on B because she was to quiet. I would convince myself she was in the backseat choking or had suddenly died on me. The anxiety was eating me up. In turn it was affecting how I parented and my relationship with my husband. I desired peace but I didn’t know how to get it. I knew that apart from God nothing was possible. So I started there. Now, when people walk into my home the first thing they typically say is “it is so peaceful here.” It is definitely not peaceful because it is so tidy, because it’s not! So why do people say this? I have come to realize that peace comes within. I want the Peaceful Nest to be a place I share what I have learned and am still learning about peace!

What is Faith Actually Ministries?

On my blog you may have seen me talk about Faith Actually Ministries and thought to yourself, okay what is that? A part from the Peaceful Nest my husband and I have started another Ministry. I will talk about this Ministry quite a bit on my blog. Faith Actually, is a book we wrote, which released in March. This book chronicles our pregnancy and loss of our son David, along with our pregnancy of our daughter B. The book discusses how to live life after tragedy. We have been told by readers that this book is a heart book. We were touched, because that is what we invisioned when we started out writing it. We want Faith Actually to be an outlet for those who have suffered and need encouragement. Faith Actually Ministries stems from the book. We meet with those who need someone to talk to or encouragement, whether in person, phone or through messages. There are a few other ideas I have in mind and that God has laid on my heart, they are just now in the works, so I will share more when they are ready to go. We will also be starting a podcast for The Peaceful Nest within the next week or two, Faith Actually Ministries will have a segment on it, so stay tuned!

Are you really peaceful?

I am a work in progress. I have bad days just like everyone else, but every day I strive my hardest to maintain a peaceful household for my husband and my children. I think that most days they would say we are peaceful!

What is you number one tip to maintaining peace?

There are so many depths to having peace in your life, I do not know if I can narrow it down to just one tip but I will try. The most important piece of advice I would say about peace is to make sure you are at peace with yourself first. If you are not at peace with yourself, then there is no way you will be at peace in any other areas of your life. Dig through the muck, if you have pain in your life face it. You cannot move forward when something is locking you in the past.

What can I expect from the Peaceful Nest?

The Peaceful Nest is a work in progress just like me! However, my desire for you as a reader, is to walk away with tips on peace, marriage, parenting, or even just encouragement in an area you need it. I know I need encouragement often! I will also be sharing DIY projects, bucket lists, information on our current adoption, and tips and musing on home school. I hope you will join me as I live out loud and share with you all my heart!

Until next time xoxo,

Jenna Jury





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