A Letter To My Husband


Dear Husband,

I know in today’s society, men like you often go unnoticed, or even worse, are stigmatized and undervalued. However, I want to take a moment to thank you. I know it cannot be easy when people try to take what you value and say those attributes are wrong or not needed. The truth is, the people who try to say we do not need real men anymore are lying to themselves and to others. There are certain tasks that I, as a woman, can not do quite as well as a man. As you.

Thank you for working hard to provide for our family. It is because you make the sacrifices you do that I have the ability to stay home with our children, home school, and pursue my passion of writing. Every morning you wake up at dawn to do manual labor. Manual labor is not a job many people want. You do it anyway, without complaint. You work your hardest to provide for our daughters and me. You make sure we have a roof over our head and food in our stomachs. I may cook the bacon but you bring it home. You do it because you love us. You do it because you are the leader of our household. So thank you.

Thank you for being my steady hand. Whatever life throws our way, I know I can look to my left and see you standing next to me. You know just when to grab my hand and whisper “we’ve got this, we can do anything together.” These words, repeatedly whispered, are often taken for granted. In the mundane day-to-day or the moments I am feeling stressed, you know exactly what to say to bring me back to earth. You never cease to repeat the words I need to hear in our darkest moments. You have come to know me so well, knowing exactly what I need to hear at any given moment. It is because of you that I can stand tall when I want to fall apart. It is because of you that I have made it out of my hardest days. It is because of you I am the woman I am today. So thank you.

Thank you for making me laugh. I knew the moment I met you, if I wanted laughter the rest of my days, then I needed to marry you. You always know exactly what to say to break the ice, lighten a tense moment, bring joy back during sadness. You are the funniest man I know. So thank you.

Thank you for being a real man. In today’s society people are trying hard to emasculate men like you. There are some who have made it their personal mission to convince everyone that men are no longer needed or wanted. They spread lies claiming masculinity is some how wrong, not valued, or unacceptable. They are sadly mistaken. Men of your standard are needed and wanted.

I am not a feminist nor will I ever be one because I refuse to devalue the necessity of hard-working men with morals and values. When we are sleeping and hear a strange noise, I am not the one who grabs our gun and check out what is going on. It is you. Sure I could, but you desire to protect us because you are a man. When we are strapped for cash, it is you that work the extra hours, doing the manual labor. Sure I help where I can but it is you who bring home the bread and butter and I am OKAY with that. I believe it is important that real men understand that the majority of women and people really do appreciate you. We understand how important it is to have a man who leads. A man who is proud to be who God created him to be. These men need a woman who is proud of them as well, Like I am proud to be your wife.

Thank you for being a man for me and our daughters.

Thank you for protecting us.

Thank you for providing for us.

Thank you for always staying true to who God made you.

Love your wife