DIY Fourth Of July Stacked Hair Bow

Good afternoon friends!

Fourth of July is right around the corner and I wanted to share with you a simple DIY craft. For those of you who have little girls in your life, these are perfect, simple and easy to make for the upcoming holiday! You can even use any type of ribbon you would like to make bows all year round, for every day of the year πŸ™‚

I know there is a huge wealth of information out there on how to make bows. However, it really seems to become a dying art form. I used to sell hairbows. Now I just make them for my girls and nieces. When there are five little girls to make bows for it can become quite busy! So I just wanted to share my way of doing it for my readers πŸ™ƒ

Let’s get started. Here is the bow I made recently for my daughter. I actually made them each one. One has a solid bow and the other a polka-dotted bow. (but I digress).

To get started here are the materials you need.


Needle and thread

1.5 inch ribbon

5/8 or 7/8 inch ribbon (I use 5/8 in this bow)

3/8 inch ribbon for center. I have red polka dotted ribbon pictured, but I ended up changing my mind and going with a solid blue for the center. πŸ˜‰ (Here is where I get my ribbon and tools.)

Alligator clip or two prong clip

hot glue gun (not pictured)

Lighter to heat seal ends (not pictured)

To get started I use a handmade “bow maker.”Β  It is approximately 5 inches for 5 inch bows. I took a piece of cardboard, cut it at 5 inches. Two inches over I cut one inch out, going about a quarter of the way down. I like to make my girls bows at 5 inches but you can make them however big or small you would like. Many people will free hand as well. I prefer using a bow maker because of how fast I like to make the bows. ItΒ  allows me to make sure they are nice and even every time.

I take my 1.5 inch ribbon and wrap it around the bow maker three times in the front, right over the 1 inch slit. Then I cut it off. You will end up having both ends of the ribbon on each side and there will be two loops in the back.

Next I take my needle and thread. Going behind my bow maker, I stick the needle and thread up through the center of the ribbon, stopping half way through the needle, I pull the ribbon off the bow maker.

Then I bring my needle all the way through, wrapping the thread up and over the bow. When I pull, the ribbon will make an accordion style fold. Then I fold the bottom of the bow twice, completing the fold. I wrap the thread around multiple times and then tie off in the back.

Then I repeat the steps with my smaller ribbon.

I’m almost done!

At this point I cut the ends of my bows in a V shape. Then heat seal the ends so they do not fray (important step!)

Next I move over to my hot glue gun and Stack the bows together.

Then I take my lined alligator clip and glue it to the back of my big bow.

The last step is to take your 3/8 inch ribbon and wrap it around the center, gluing in the back. I like to glue mine over the alligator clip because it makes it sturdier in my opinion.

After your bow is put together you can spray it with hair spray or stiffening spray to give it that stiff feel, and so it will stay in place. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Depends on where my spray is and if I feel like doing it! haha.

There you have it. A beautiful Fourth of July bow. I hope you join me for my next DIY where I make a flower wreath for my girls bedroom.

Until next time xoxo,

Jenna Jury


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