Our Fancy Nancy Tea Party

More is always better when it comes to being fancy.

At least that is what Fancy Nancy believes. If you are a mom to little girls, you may know who Fancy Nancy is. For those of you who do not know who she is, she is a beloved Character from the book series that shares her name Fancy Nancy, written and illustrated by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser. You can check out more here and order some of the amazing book!

Miss B has fallen in love with Fancy Nancy.

I have seen many parallels between Miss B and Fancy Nancy, that may be some of the reasons she loves her so much.

Last year Miss B’s Mawmaw and Pappy took a trip to Paris, France. When they returned B listened with earnest to their wonderful stories and took in all of their photos. Her favorites were of the Eiffel Tower. It was then she deemed her Mawmaw and Her Pappy experts on all things France. (French words, food, etc.) and Paris, France the best place in the universe. She has a mini Eiffel Tower statue in her room, she loves reading books about the tower, and learning french words. Her favorite is Merci. (because it sounds so fancy!) Even her two-year old sister S loves the Eiffel Tower. Every tower she sees, she says excitedly “Mommy look it’s the Eiffel Tower!”

So it was only fitting that her favorite character would also love France.

We were working our way through the book series when we heard the Disney channel was coming out with a Fancy Nancy show! Miss B was ecstatic. She made plans right away to watch the show. I won’t lie, I was pretty excited myself.

A couple of days before the show premiered, I thought, why just watch it? Why not make it as Fancy as I could?

Thus I decided to throw the girls a Fancy Nancy Tea Party.

It was complete with a hair station, where they could make their own fancy headbands. A make up station. I am one of those moms who lets her little girls play with make up. I know many moms do not feel the same way, but I don’t see the harm in playing with it and the way I see it, if they have the chance to play with it now, they won’t go hog crazy when they become teenagers and adults. Plus I love the stuff. Of course, they do not leave the house with a face full of make-up. But to play with at home. Why not?

We also had a nail painting station.

The girls woke up at 7 am and threw on their fancy dresses. They were bursting to get started! I woke up to Miss B saying “Sissy, Sissy get up! It’s Fancy Nancy Tea party Day. It’s going to be the best day ever!”

The show didn’t start until 11 am. We had a lot of time to kill! When their cousins arrived at our house, we started on the stations right away.

We had a mini dance party.

Read some Fancy Nancy books.

Then we counted down until the big premiere.

To go with the show, I threw together a “fancy” tea party. Complete with danishes (because they are fancy mommy- miss B). baguette and croissants (because they are from France mommy-Miss B) We also served, cookies, strawberries, cheese, and ham for good measure. As well as sweet tea, what is a tea party without tea?

I would say Miss B and S and E had a wonderful tea party! I asked the girls after what their favorite fancy word was. B of course said Merci. E said hers was pretty. and S enthusiastically stated her favorite fancy word is ooh la la. Is there anything cuter than a two-year old running around the house saying ooh la la! ooh la la!

I don’t think so!


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