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Shut Your Mouth

Should those affected by child loss just “hush” and accept every comment thrown their way?


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Faith Actually Podcast Interview

Last week we had the privilege of joining Curt Klingerman, from the Perfect Faith podcast, in an interview. The interview was over our book Faith Actually: Living Life After Tragedy and how the Lord brought us through our loss and grief. We share our heart and our journey in hopes to encourage those who have […]

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The Problem With The Phrase “It Was God’s Will.”

In December of 2011 I stood next to a tiny casket. Inside the casket held my beautiful and fragile son. Four days earlier I had held him as he took his last breath. He didn’t make a sound because he was premature, but I knew when he left this earth. I felt it. As I […]

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Faith Actually: Living Life After Tragedy

My husband Ben and I have recently released our first book,  Faith Actually. You can find it here on Amazon. Faith Actually: Living Life After Tragedy is also available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited! Writing and releasing this book is such a milestone in our life. I wanted to take some time and explain what Faith […]

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A Letter to my Pre-Babyloss Self

  Above are two pictures. The first picture was taken while my Husband and I were engaged, before tragedy ever touched our lives. The second was taken this past summer, after the loss of our son and the rocky pregnancy and early birth of our daughter. After a full term birth with a second daughter. […]

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What I Wish People Knew About Losing My Son

Girl sitting on a bench

When tragedies occur it isn’t uncommon for a person to be told how strong they are. I remember when my son died I was told by numerous individuals that I was the strongest person they knew. I was tough. If only they were as strong as me. They wouldn’t be able to survive such a […]

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Catching Fireflies 

That night when I closed my eyes, I saw her. A beautiful, innocent little girl. Running through her yard on a crisp night, catching fireflies with her brothers. Laughing, smiling. She didn’t know pain, she didn’t know heartache. To her the world was bright and beautiful, full of light. That little girl was me. Oh, […]

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