Faith Actually Living Life After Tragedy


In 2011 my husband and I experienced one of the most heart wrenching tragedies to ever touch our lives.


We buried our son. 408516_10150639888999447_1914263912_n

It was a chilly and gloomy December day. Two days before Christmas, I watched as two men lowered my son’s casket into the ground.

Instead of coming home with us, to his warm and bright room his father and I had created for him, he was laid to rest in the dark and cold ground.

Our hearts were shattered.

Babies aren’t supposed to die. Children are supposed to outlive their parents. Aren’t they? We were left to navigate the pain of child loss and heart ache in a new world.

One we didn’t even know existed.

But it does, for so many people. The statistics of pregnancy and child loss are staggering. You may be thinking to yourself “it can’t be that high, because I don’t know anyone who has lost a child.” Oh but you do because the statistics are one in four women.

Which means, if you have more than four women in your family, chances are at least one of them have lost a child through a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Maybe it was your mother, your sister, your daughter, or maybe it was you.  

Faith Actually is our story. It is unique to us, but a story that many have experienced in their own way. It is a story about death, pain, heartache, and anger. It doesn’t stop there. This is also a book about forgiveness, miracles, and learning to trust again.

It is possible to live again after loss and live a joyous life. 

You start with faith, actually.


Jenna is the co-author of Faith Actually Living Life After Tragedy, a long with her husband Benjamin. They have two living children and a beautiful son who has gone first into the arms of Jesus. Their hope and desire is to be an encouragement to those who have also lost children and to people who love someone who has lost a child.