Why I Take My Children on Vacation

Taking children on vacation can be hard, but it is worth it.


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Yes, My Hands are Full

You have your hands full.

If you are a parent or a caregiver, chances are you have heard this phrase a time or two. It seems if you have more than two children in your care, then your hands are automatically deemed full.

This phrase doesn’t bother me. I actually take it as a complement.

My hands are full.

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Our Both Hands Project

When I was 21 years old I traveled to Belize to participate in my first mission trip.

It was there that God broke my heart. He broke it into a million pieces and then in exchange he gave me his heart.

His heart for the orphans.

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What is the Peaceful Nest?

Read about what the peaceful nest is and the writer behind the blog.

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12 Ways to Be A More Peaceful Mom

Do you struggle with creating a peaceful atmosphere? Do you long to be a more peaceful mom? Here are 12 ways to accomplish that today!

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A Letter To My Husband

Dear Husband, I know in today’s society, men like you often go unnoticed or even worse are stigmatized and undervalued.

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I Allow My Child Dress Herself. Here Is Why.

Do you allow your child to dress themselves?

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We Don’t Shelter Our Children. Here is Why.

Today we have an epidemic. Most people see it. Those who do not see it are in denial and quite possibly part of the problem. When you have grown ups believing it is ever okay to throw a drink at someone’s face because you disagree with their political views then there is a huge problem. […]

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Home School and Loop Scheduling

We are finishing up our home school year with an 8th grader, Kindergartener and a Pre-schooler. I’ll be honest with you. We are just now finding our groove. That is one thing I love about home school, if something doesn’t work, we change it. I’m not talking about curriculum. I am talking more along the […]

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