Why I Take My Children on Vacation

Taking children on vacation can be hard, but it is worth it.


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Yes, My Hands are Full

You have your hands full.

If you are a parent or a caregiver, chances are you have heard this phrase a time or two. It seems if you have more than two children in your care, then your hands are automatically deemed full.

This phrase doesn’t bother me. I actually take it as a complement.

My hands are full.

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What is the Peaceful Nest?

Read about what the peaceful nest is and the writer behind the blog.

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Our Trip To Pittsburgh and Interview on Cornerstone Television Network.

Last week my husband Benjamin and I had the privilege of joining the Real Life co-hosts for an interview of our newly released book Faith Actually; Living Life After Tragedy. If you have not heard of it yet, you can read more about it and listen to a podcast about the book here. We wrote […]

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We Don’t Shelter Our Children. Here is Why.

Today we have an epidemic. Most people see it. Those who do not see it are in denial and quite possibly part of the problem. When you have grown ups believing it is ever okay to throw a drink at someone’s face because you disagree with their political views then there is a huge problem. […]

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Their Lives Are Just As Important As Yours.

This past weekend we had our first adoption fundraiser garage sale. What a good success it was! So many people donated. My sweet girl ran her very first lemonade stand and sold cookies with it. She was exhausted. She promptly told me she was never doing a lemonade stand again. She had raised around $50 […]

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The Problem With The Phrase “It Was God’s Will.”

In December of 2011 I stood next to a tiny casket. Inside the casket held my beautiful and fragile son. Four days earlier I had held him as he took his last breath. He didn’t make a sound because he was premature, but I knew when he left this earth. I felt it. As I […]

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Raising Kind Children

I don’t know about you, but I desire to raise kind children. Children who grow up to become kind adults. Adults who are kind to strangers in the street, adults who are kind to their families. I desire to raise kind humans. I know I am not the only one who strives to do this […]

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Do Routines Really Work?

I have a confession to make. My family has to think I’m a tad bit nutty. No, they would never admit it. I’ve asked them point blank before if they were concerned about my mental state. They have always denied the accusation. Why would they think I was loco, you ask? Because I put my […]

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A Letter to my Strong-Willed Child

My Dearest Strong-willed Child, When you were in my womb I told people you were going to be my calm child. Your sister, is also strong-willed, so I prayed against all odds that you would be calm. Never pushing your boundaries. Gentle, meek and kind. I prayed and God laughed at me. Instead He gave […]

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