Crafty Thursday- What Makes Rain?

The girls and I make a paper umbrella craft after reading the Usborne Book “What makes rain?”


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12 Ways to Be A More Peaceful Mom

Do you struggle with creating a peaceful atmosphere? Do you long to be a more peaceful mom? Here are 12 ways to accomplish that today!

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A Letter to my Strong-Willed Child

My Dearest Strong-willed Child, When you were in my womb I told people you were going to be my calm child. Your sister, is also strong-willed, so I prayed against all odds that you would be calm. Never pushing your boundaries. Gentle, meek and kind. I prayed and God laughed at me. Instead He gave […]

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To the Mommy who struggles with Guilt

As a Mom I have struggled with guilt countless times. Did I say “no” too much today? Did I discipline my child enough? too much? Why was my child being so rude just now, was it something I taught them? Did I snuggle my child enough today? How many books did I read them? Everyone […]

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Lies we tell ourselves: You need to justify your parenting decisions.

“You’re Failing as a Mommy” and other lies we tell ourselves. Part 3: You need to justify your parenting decisions While I was pregnant with S I allowed B to watch way to much television. I had really bad morning sickness and I was constantly in the bathroom. She was two and I found trying […]

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To the mom who feels as though her job is not important..

To the mom who feels as though her job is not important…. Please let me remind you it is. There has been quite a bit of talk lately about equal rights for women. Though I steer clear of politics  on my page and on my blog all this buzz has gotten me thinking. It seems […]

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