Shut Your Mouth

Should those affected by child loss just “hush” and accept every comment thrown their way?


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Faith Actually: Living Life After Tragedy

My husband Ben and I have recently released our first book,  Faith Actually. You can find it here on Amazon. Faith Actually: Living Life After Tragedy is also available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited! Writing and releasing this book is such a milestone in our life. I wanted to take some time and explain what Faith […]

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Parenting, It’s Not Supposed to be Easy.


Last night my husband and I stayed up to late watching television. We never stay up late. Our bedtime has routinely become 9 pm or even earlier, especially on nights that we are both completely and utterly exhausted. Last night though, we stayed up to late. First we watched our show. Then we decided to […]

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My Children are a Blessing not a Burden

Today I am starting a four-part series about children being a heritage from the Lord. When B was just a year old, I had a conversation with a lady that I will always remember. It wasn’t a bad conversation. I didn’t have an epiphany or big revelation. This conversation will  always stick with me because […]

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Pray Big and Pray Hard

Learning to Pray Big and Pray Hard Today is December 1st. December is a hard month for my family, I’m not going to lie. December is the month all my precious children were born. It is also this month that my first child and only son, David,  passed away. December 18th, 2011. I have always […]

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What I Wish People Knew About Losing My Son

Girl sitting on a bench

When tragedies occur it isn’t uncommon for a person to be told how strong they are. I remember when my son died I was told by numerous individuals that I was the strongest person they knew. I was tough. If only they were as strong as me. They wouldn’t be able to survive such a […]

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Why I Choose Peace

I have been talking about peace quite a bit lately. I love my peaceful life. I love being able to provide a peaceful life for my family. But finding peace and holding on to it can be difficult when turmoil and pain attack our lives. There is no guarantee that you will not experience any […]

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B- Our Surprise

Our Daughter B was our surprise. A wonderful, amazing surprise. Here is all about her.

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